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BSI annual report diagnoses further increase in threat situation

Last year, the Federal Office for Information Security identified 114 million new variants of sheep software. This is the conclusion of the now published annual report. BSI boss Arne Schönbohm states: "The digitized world has become more dangerous". The attacks once again focused not only on companies but also on critical infrastructures such as hospitals and public authorities. In addition to organized criminal cyber gangs, the BSI also suspects foreign secret services behind the attacks....more on

Agile Integration Is Critical To Successful Digital Transformation Supporting Agile Delivery Teams

Agile integration — combining integration technologies, Agile delivery techniques, and cloud-native platforms to improve speed and security of software delivery — is a critical foundation for successful digital transformation. The pace of digital innovation and disruption continues to accelerate, driving the need for faster change to business models, processes, and applications. Firms that can quickly reconfigure and reconnect old and new applications have the advantage, and those with slow integration processes are at serious risk of losing cu ...more

The value of business automation in a microservices world

This report investigates the prevailing trend toward the use of microservices by information technology (IT) departments within large, technologically complex organizations. Today, IT is being asked to: · Generate disruptive thinking within their own department · Maintain business applications to ensure availability at all times · Develop custom applications for business users who want to process data in new ways The demands may seem near-impossible to meet, but a new class of business automation solutions help bridge the gap. IT ...more

The Business Value of Red Hat Integration Products

This assessment shows that enterprises adopt Red Hat Fuse because they believe in a community-based open-source approach to integration for modernizing their integration infrastructure that delivers strong ROI. For these organizations, Fuse was part of a larger digital transformation initiative and was also used to modernize integration. IDC interviewed organizations using Fuse to integrate important business applications across their heterogeneous IT environments. These Red Hat customers reported that Fuse has enabled them to complete subst ...more

Successful Agile Integration Requires A Culture Built On Agile Practices

Read this infographic to find out what makes the integration strategy successful. ...more

5 Reasons You Need a Modern ECM Approach

Companies need to move fast, adapt quickly, and innovate continuously. They must satisfy the demands of a modern workforce and technically savvy customer base. Can your enterprise content management (ECM) systems keep up? The fact is, legacy ECM systems were architected for a different time and are too inflexible for today’s dynamic business environment. Fortunately, there’s a new approach to content management that frees you from the restrictions of traditional ECM systems. Next-generation cloud-native content services platforms are ...more

Formulating an agile integration strategy in the hybrid multi-cloud era

The modern digital business demands that enterprise and IT leaders continuously reexamine their customers’ experiences and expectations, improve business efficiencies and fend off threats from rivals. The ‘digital transformation’ phenomenon has driven a cloud-first mentality that explores multiple cloud service options and innovative technologies such as containers, microservices, machine learning and Internet of Things initiatives. It has transformed IT into a highly distributed hybrid architecture composed of multiple datacenters, multi-cloud ...more

"Employees need seamless and secure access to corporate resources wherever they work."

At it-sa 2019, BusinessIQ's editorial team spoke with UEM expert Brian Foster, Senior Vice President of Product Management at MobileIron, about Zero Trust based Unified Endpoint Management. The company specializes in security frameworks for mobile devices. ...more


By focusing on frequent code integration, automated testing, and keeping the mainline code version in a state that is deployable to production at any time, CI/CD aims to eliminate the risks and friction of traditional waterfall software development. Add to that the practice of continuous deployment and you can move to a situation where the latest and greatest software version is not just always ready to be deployed—it’s deployed on a frequent basis. ...more

Using MITRE ATT&CK™ in Threat Hunting and Detection

MITRE ATT&CK1 is an open framework and knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations. ATT&CK provides a common taxonomy of the tactical objectives of adversaries and their methods. Having a taxonomy by itself has many valuable uses, such as providing a common vocabulary for exchanging information with others in the security community. But it also serves as a real technical framework for classifying your current detection efforts and identifying gaps where you are blind to certain types of attack beh ...more
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