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Windows 7 support is expiring: What you need to do

Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows 7 on 14 January with a final security update. Honestly, it's not a big surprise - the deadline has already been set since 2012. However, a good quarter of all users still work on the popular operating system.  ...more

Companies invest more in IT security

In view of the rising threat situation, spending on IT security in companies is rising. This is the result of a recent study by Bitkom Research. More than 65 percent plan to spend more in this sector. In comparison with other departments, IT security even occupies the top position. Investments in the challenges of digitization are rising by 12 percent overall....more on

Infographic: Hotel Giant Gets Global HR Makeover

What if your company ran on 10 outdated HR systems loaded with time-consuming manual tasks and fragmented processes? ...more

Webinar: Simplify PC Lifecycle Management with PC as a Service

In this webinar, you'll learn more about ... ... the benefits of automated PC lifecycle management ... Dell's end-to-end lifecycle management Strategy ... the 4 phases of the PC's life cycle: - Plan and design - Deploy and integrate - Manage and support - Optimize and retire ... PC as a service Learn more about Dell solutions powered by Intel®. ...more

Secure Access to Field Device Data Holds the Key to Digitization and Optimized Maintenance

The digitization of field devices offers plant operators a huge potential to reduce operating costs while increasing productivity. With over 40 million field devices installed, the HART communication protocol is the most widely used digital communication technology in the process industry. This Whitepaper shows how the HART signal can be used for continuous device monitoring and diagnosis to provide considerable added value over the complete plant lifecycle – from planning and installation through to operation and maintenance. If you re ...more

Companies are registering rising threat levels

A recent Ponemon study paints a disturbing picture of the current IT threat situation. More than 50% of the companies registered a security incident in the last 12 months. In an international comparison, Germany is even still in a good position: In the USA it was just under 90%. Almost all respondents expect further incidents in the next two years....more on

IT basic protection alone does not cover all security risks - Interview with Jens Westphal from msg

Jens Westphal, expert for information security at msg, explains in this interview with BusinessIQ how companies successfully implement basic IT protection - and why templates alone are not enough.  ...more

Men are suspicious, older people careless.

IT security is one of the central challenges of our time - there is actually a broad consensus on this. A recent BullGuard study shows that there is nevertheless a statistical imbalance between the sexes and age groups. On average, men are more suspicious than women when it comes to protecting their personal data. In the older semesters, on the other hand, online usage behaviour shows a certain carelessness....more on

Why automation is essential for cyber resilience

Digital transformation makes today’s businesses more productive and more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Security professionals know that breaches are inevitable. To be successful, companies must establish cyber-resilient endpoints. Where do you turn when legacy approaches fail? In a word: Automation. ...more

Cybercrime tactics and techniques: Q2 2018

A generally slow quarter reflects an overall lullin cybercrime, picking up where Q1 left off with cryptominers continuing to dominate, ransomware continuing to evolve through experimentation, and exploits making a small but significant comeback. New developments in ransomware and cryptomining drove the market, as Q2 attacks generally showed more sophistication than their Q1 counterparts. The introduction of complex VPNFilter malware, which dropped multi-stage attacks on hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting small office and consumer users, ...more