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The Perfect Order Demo

See a real-time view of your fulfillment network to meet customer promises profitably See a comprehensive view of your entire fulfillment network Set up alerts to monitor network KPIs Take immediate action to change fulfillment options Self-serve without the need for IT help ...more

Magic Quadrant for Multienterprise Supply Chain Business Networks

Multienterprise supply chain business networks support a community of trading partners that need to coordinate and execute on business processes that extend across multiple enterprises. Supply chain technology leaders should use this research to understand the MESCBN marketplace. ...more

Digitally Perfecting the Supply Chain

AI, Blockchain, and Digital Technology Are Unleashing a New Era of Efficiency, Visibility, and Traceability, Thereby Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders in Manufacturing and Logistics The manufacturing industry has a history of being changed and reinvented by technological advances in process and communications. Now, new solutions that use artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are being leveraged by the leading and fastest growing companies in the industry to transform the manufacturing supply chain and related t ...more

Reinventing Workflows - Power Your Digital Transformation And Drive Greater Impact By Modernizing Processes

The digital transformation imperative has now entered its teenage years, complete with growth spurts and awkward phases. What began as a mad dash to update and design customer-facing processes, remains - at its core - a challenging imperative to reenvision how work gets done at both the individual workflow and enterprise level. Since the beginning, true digital transformation has been the work of business process professionals. Their job is to find the right balance of process discipline, business insights, and technology to drive continuous im ...more

Plant intelligence drives production

With more than 100 years of alumina expertise, Almatis is the world leader in the development, manufacture and supply of premium alumina and alumina-based products. The company is both a global and fully integrated producer, serving its customers from fourteen strategically located sales, research, and manufacturing sites. Almatis manufactures special products based on aluminium oxide for various industries – from the chemical sector to the refractory, electrical and porcelain industries, as well as oxide ceramics and abrasives applications. ...more

Architecture & Engineering Industry Study - 41st Annual Comprehensive Report

The 41st Annual Deltek Clarity Architecture & Engineering Study delivers trending topics, analysis, and benchmarks directly impacting today’s industry landscape. Discover best practices leading firms are implementing and gain insight on key areas such as technology trends, project management practices, utilization rates, and more. Access the study now to see what top A&E firms are doing to maintain their competitive edge, key statistics to benchmark your firm against, and how leading firms are futureproofing their business. ...more

Financial Statements - Architecture & Engineering Industry Study

Accounting & Finance Trends In The A&E Industry: A Clarity Mini-Report: - Gain exclusive insight to guide critical financial planning and management decisions. - The A&E industry is well positioned to navigate financial hurdles, and now more than ever, it’s important to review key strategic initiatives when it comes to your firm’s management. Maintain solid numbers despite challenging climates with this Mini-Report, from Deltek’s 41st Annual Clarity Report. ...more

Technology Trends - Architecture & Engineering Industry Study

Technology Trends In The A&E Industry A Clarity Mini-Report: - Gain critical insight to guide strategic IT investments for your firm - A&E firms are focusing heavily on IT solutions in areas that will have the greatest ROI – namely, their core operations. This year’s Deltek’s 41st Annual Clarity Report survey shows how firms are applying technology trends to improve their project execution and management strategies. ...more

Business Development - Architecture & Engineering Industry Study

Business Development Trends In The A&E Industry: A Clarity Mini-Report: -Now more than ever, firms need to maintain their competitive edge while keeping client satisfaction high. In this mini-report from Deltek’s 41st Annual Clarity Report, we review key themes respondents said are critical to maintaining robust pipelines and a competitive edge. ...more

Project Management - Architecture & Engineering Industry Study

Project Management Trends In The A&E Industry: A Clarity Mini-Report: - Gain insight to guide project management best practices for your firm - Successful project management is the key to profitability for any Architecture & Engineering firm. In this summary spotlight on Project Management implications from the 41st Annual Deltek Clarity Study, respondents outline ways they’re tackling challenges related to project management, while balancing ever-changing technologies and limited visibility into project-specific KPIs. ...more
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